Our work is exciting, meaningful, and relevant, and it cannot happen without input from the entire community. Beginning in February of 2021, a group of Gateway faculty, staff, trustees, and parents, working in collaboration with the firm Leadership + Design, engaged in a strategic planning process to chart the direction for the school and its community for the next five years. The Gateway School’s Strategic Plan, The Gateway Difference, reflects close to 18 months of work and represents our community's goals and vision for the next several years.

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The Gateway Difference

As we developed the plan, we considered the dynamic and resilient city where we reside and the educational trends that play a significant role in the lives of our community. During this process of reflection, it was important for us to consider these factors while preserving the elements of Gateway that enable us to deliver our program at the highest level. We wanted to articulate, leverage, and amplify those qualities that make Gateway a transformational experience for our students and their families.

The Gateway School is a New York City school like no other. Our industry-recognized academic program, targeting language-based learning differences and ADHD, transforms the lives of students and their families by substantially improving academic and social-emotional trajectories and outcomes. Our distinct size and approach ensure we meet every one of our students where they are as learners and as humans. Gateway is more than a school for our students and families – it is a community of learners, educators, practitioners, and caregivers who all invest in the long-term, holistic success of our students.