The Gateway Parents Association (the “PA”) is a parent-run, volunteer organization whose mission is to support the school and build community. The PA plays a critical role in the success of the Gateway program. For nearly 60 years, Gateway has had a special relationship with parents, one that is characterized by empathy and mutual respect. Today, Gateway continues to emphasize the importance of parent volunteers who are dedicated to fostering a strong, supportive community for the benefit of students, parents, faculty, and staff.

The PA hosts three general meetings during the school year, which are open to all Gateway parents. These provide opportunities for school administrators to talk informally with parents about current activities in the school, and for parents to plan upcoming events, share resources with one another, and discuss topics that can benefit the entire community. The general meetings are truly collaborative and open, and they allow parents to meet one another in person.

The PA sponsors a variety of activities and events during the year, both independently and in partnership with the school. These include:

  • Welcome Coffee
  • Lower School Picnic
  • Book Fair
  • Pantry Drive
  • Helen Brown Holiday Toy Drive
  • All School Ice Skating Party
  • Middle School Spring Formal
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Every parent is automatically a member of the PA, and the school encourages all parents to volunteer. Those interested in serving as a Class Representative for their child’s classroom/grade or in volunteering for any of the PA-sponsored events should email the PA Leadership directly.

Volunteer opportunities encompass a variety of ways to support the school and local community, such as helping at an event, sharing a talent or expertise, donating goods or a service, serving on a special committee such as the Welcome, Community Service, or Gala Committee. 

Class Representatives build community among parents in the school. Generally, two Class Representatives are designated for each class in the Lower School and each grade in the Middle School. All Class Representatives work under the direction of the PA Executive Board, and act as a liaison between the school/PA and the parents in their class or grade. 

PA Committees are formed from time to time in connection with special or specific events or projects. One important committee is the Community Service Committee which supports student-driven or school-directed service efforts. Community service projects provide opportunities for children and their families to support organizations in the neighborhood and the community beyond the school. Parents chair events or organize specific projects, including The Ronald McDonald House Pantry Drive and Fun Run and Helen Brown Toy Drive to benefit The Iris House.

The Welcoming Committee, which launched in Spring 2022, is a parent-led group whose goal is to provide support for incoming families and encourage new social connections between new students and current ones. The committee organizes "buddy matches" in the spring for the incoming families and serves as a touchpoint for new parents throughout the fall as they become acquainted with the Gateway community.

Additional Committees include The Parent/School Partnership Committee, the Social Events Committee, the Book Fair Committee, and the Skating Party Committee.

The life of the Gateway community truly prospers when parents come together and support the school. By getting involved, parents not only make new friends and share in fun experiences, but also make a meaningful difference in their children’s school.

Our children need Gateway and we as parents need Gateway too. The parent body here has a common bond. We understand each other, accept each other and share something in common (our children who each have their own special challenges) which bonds us into a strong community.

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Katherine Grier

Lower School Vice President

Katie Hart

Middle School Vice President

Christy Kennedy Messina


Lauren Epstein


Monika Wyszomirska

Committee Chairs

Welcome Committee

Leslie Edwards

Community Service Committee

Amy Elliott

Parent / School Partnership Committee

Kristin Aronsson

Book Fair Committee

Paige Darrah

Skating Party Committee

Rob Alfieri

PA MEETINGS 2023-2024

  • September 20, 2023

  • February 21, 2024

  • May 22, 2024


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