The Middle School comprises grades 6th through 8th and its goal is to prepare students for college-prep high schools.

In Middle School, students acquire skills and strategies necessary to tackle more complex academic material, learn the value of good study habits, develop sound social values in the face of complicated social experiences, and realize the benefits of contributing to a community.  

A Day in the Life of a Middle School Student

  • A MS student’s day begins at 8 a.m. in Advisory, which is made up of a small group of students from their grade, and led by two Middle School teachers. Advisory is a time to begin getting ready for day ahead; students discuss current events, review upcoming school happenings, and have the chance to check-in with their teachers and friends. 
  • After the first two periods of the day, faculty and students have a short break to come together as a community. This followed by two to three periods until lunch and recess. There are two to three more periods in the afternoon. Students return to Advisory to review their planners, visit their lockers for their materials, and check their after school plans. After-School options include participating in sport teams and other creative or sport options. 
  • All Middle School students have 2 periods of English-Language Arts and 1 period of Math each day. They have Humanities four times a week and Science three times a week. Physical Education meets three times per week and might be Gym or an off-campus trip to Cross Fit once per week. During the week, students have Art, Music, Integrated Research, and Grandstand. One per week, they meet in small groups for Language Therapy and Social Development. 


Meet Gateway's Director of Middle School