In a language-rich environment, Lower School students acquire fundamental academic and organizational skills along with the social-emotional  skills essential for success in school and in life. 

Designed for students ages 5 through 11, the tone of the Lower School is at once nurturing and dynamic. In ungraded homerooms of up to 11 students with two teachers, students are grouped by age, academic proficiency, and compatibility. As awareness of their unique learning styles emerges, Lower School students develop the early skills of self-advocacy and are ready to meet the challenges of Middle School.

A Day in the Life of a Lower School Student

  • A LS student’s day begins at 8 a.m. in Homeroom. This is a chance for students to organize their materials, socialize with friends, and hear school announcements. 
  • After Homeroom, students go to their Reading and Writing class for the first two periods. Students are grouped based on their skills for reading and writing. Student progress is carefully monitored and groups are flexible so that students are properly grouped by their individual goals. 
  • Students go back to their homerooms for a quick snack before heading to a special, such as Language, Social Development, or Read Aloud. Then, students have a period of Math, daily, followed by lunch and recess. Social Studies is taught 2-3 times per week and Science is 2 times per week. Students have a movement class daily. Afternoons include Language, Social Development, or Occupational Therapy or Visual Arts or Music.  
  • The school day ends back in homeroom to review their homework and pack up their belongings. Many students join our After-School programming offered 4 days per week from 3:30-4:30.


Meet Gateway's Assistant Head of School and Director of Lower School