Lions of Gateway Athletics Program 


The After-School Athletics Program at Gateway offers Middle School students experiences that help them grow physically, mentally, and socially. With a focus on building and reinforcing high self-esteem, mastering fundamental skills, valuing teamwork, and learning good sportsmanship, Gateway Athletics has a place for every interested student. Team offerings include soccer, basketball, and softball. The Athletics Program is open to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

As a member of the Middle School Athletic League, the Gateway Lions participate in interscholastic competitions with member schools around New York City, including the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, Mary McDowell Friends School, Hannah Senesh Community School, The Ideal School, Churchill School, International School of Brooklyn, Windward School, and several others.

Fun fact!
In 2023, Gateway's softball team reached the Middle School Athletic League championship game. Go Lions! 

For questions related to the Athletics Program, please reach out to Joel Perez, Athletics Coordinator and PE Teacher.

Meet Gateway's Athletics Department