The Gateway School partners with Butter Beans Kitchen to provide families with nutritious and delicious lunch options. The lunch program is optional for families.


  • The cost per lunch is $8.90 for students. 
  • There will be a one-time registration fee of $45 at the time of registration. This fee will be waived for full year plans paid for by ACH or check. 
  • The above pricing does not include sales tax.

Food Options & Ordering 

  • Families may pre-select their child’s lunch from a selection of entrées, sandwiches, or salads via the online portal. 
  • If you do not order, your student will receive the hot main entrée. (For diet or allergy restrictions, they will receive the allergen-free/vegetarian entrée.) 
  • Families can make changes to their child’s lunch selection on the online portal seven (7) days prior to the lunch day.
  • Families must report any allergy and dietary restriction notes to Butter Beans directly. There is an area to fill out this information upon registration. 

Schedule & Billing

  • The Lunch Program begins the first week of school. 
  • Lunch is daily, except on noon dismissal days.
  • Families will sign up for either a monthly or an annual invoicing plan for the school year. 
  • The Lunch Program continues during the school year unless canceled by the family. If you wish to opt out at any point or cancel the membership, you must contact Butter Beans directly. 

How to Sign-Up for the Lunch Program

Contact Butter Beans directly at [email protected] or by phone at (718) 499-0010 to register for the lunch program. Once you have signed up, Butter Beans will confirm they have received your registration and follow up with information about pre-ordering lunch choices. The online menu will show pre-ordering of lunches for the upcoming month only. After the pre-order deadline has passed, each day will be open until 7 days prior to the lunch day. You can go back in and unselect a choice (click the button off) and select another choice (click the button on) until the 7-day cutoff.