Taught daily in proficiency-based groups, Gateway’s Math program develops students into strategic and competent problem solvers. Using a direct, explicit, multisensory approach, students acquire foundational understanding and reasoning skills necessary for tackling a wide variety of math problems. Based on the defined, spiraled skills sequence outlined in Singapore Mathematics, basic fact and procedural fluency, reasoning, retention of skills, and flexible, strategic thinking are emphasized. The Language of Math is addressed in every class through research-based instruction in mathematical vocabulary and Gateway's in-house developed word problem boot camp. 

Lower School Math

Students in Lower School attend Math in skills-based groups which are determined by placement in the skills sequence coupled with their learning profile.

  • Students have Math daily for 45 minutes. 
  • The Lower School Math curriculum sequence develops the foundational skills of number sense and place value, and builds to an understanding of arithmetic procedures with whole numbers and eventually fractions and decimals. Students are also taught geometry concepts, telling time, and money.

Middle School Math

As a continuation of the Lower School, students in the Middle School are also placed in proficiency-based groups within their grade and receive daily direct, explicit, multisensory instruction.

  • Students have Math daily for 45 minutes. 
  • Middle School students continually review procedural skills and foundational understanding while moving into higher level applied concepts. 
  • Topics in Middle School include negative numbers and rational number operations; ratios; percent; geometry concepts such as coordinate plane, angles, triangles, and circles; pre-algebra; exponents; linear equations; and systems of equations.