The Arts program offers a comprehensive education in Visual Arts and Music. For students with learning differences, the Arts provide a multisensory approach to integrating academic content (especially in Social Studies and Science) and expressing their understanding of it. The Arts are a powerful pathway to increased self-expression and self-esteem for students who struggle with language and learning. Moreover, the Arts foster curiosity and creativity and develop stamina.

In the Lower School, the Visual Arts curriculum introduces students to line, light, color, and perspective.

In Middle School, students study drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, and photography.

In Music, students explore various types of music. ​​​

Each year, the Arts are integrated into a performance or production in which all Lower School students participate.

Additional Arts offerings are available in after-school programs. After-school offerings include drama, fencing, and other seasonal programs.

The Arts curriculum at Gateway makes salient connections to the students’ academic classes and builds their problem-solving skills and creativity.