After working in education for over 35 years, I have come to believe deeply that strong relationships are the foundation of teaching, learning, and leadership. A school is so much more than just a building. Every child, every parent, every teacher has a story to tell. As a former Gateway parent, every family, including mine, who has crossed the threshold on West 61st Street, or will cross that threshold, has traveled an educational journey with a shared map, looking for the right fit for their child, a child who is learning differently than their friends. 

Gateway is a school for students who struggle with language-based learning differences. Our mission has meaning and is clear: we teach students how to become skilled, strategic learners and confident self-advocates.

Laurie Gruhn, Head of School

When you enter the doors of our school, you see that you have indeed discovered a new beginning at Gateway. Here, we will teach your children. But there is more to it than that. At Gateway, we will love your children exactly for who they are and who they can become. 

At Gateway, we are guided by two principles: we know a strong relationship between the school and its families is paramount to our students’ success, and the relationship between teacher and student is one which can transform lives for the better. A school’s heart and soul is its teachers, and Gateway teachers are the shining examples. Our expertly trained educators teach children long before they teach subject matter. Connecting a family’s understanding of their child with a teacher’s knowledge and compassion of what that child needs to thrive – both academically and socially – sets our students up to succeed.

Gateway delivers an experience and education that is unique and extraordinary. Our program is thoughtful and intentional, our commitment to students is second to none, and our size allows for a very meaningful community. We know that language, literacy, and critical thinking skills are the foundations for success in all things. We are a proven entity in the education of bright students who learn differently.

Gateway has a great story to tell. Our goal is to always create a space of belonging, inclusion, equity, and diversity, where everyone who walks our halls knows that they are welcomed, seen, and valued. Gateway is a place where lifelong friendships begin and grow, even as our students learn how to navigate the challenge of changing friendships over the years. I am eager to get to know your family, your child, and your story, and I look forward to sharing our story with you. As we say, success starts here. Welcome!

Warm regards,

Laurie Gruhn
Head of School

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