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Meet Jordan Cohen, Class of 2012

Q Tell us a little bit about your educational journey and applying to colleges.

A I attended Gateway until 6th grade and Birch Wathen Lenox through high school. Applying to colleges was definitely stressful. I believe Gateway gave me the discipline I needed. It prepared me for standardized testing. Knowing I had to put the work in, I took practice tests every weekend. I studied my vocabulary and practiced math problems. I really focused on the areas where I knew I needed practice. When applying to colleges, Georgetown was one of the last applications I sent in, and I got accepted!

Q What do you think is the most important skill you learned at Gateway?

A Gateway taught me to organize myself and to really understand the material. I organize my tasks and focus on eliminating the easy stuff first and then tackle the harder material. I definitely learned how to attack problems head on.

Q What was your favorite subject at Gateway?

A Definitely math. I’m a quantitative person in general. I love the nature of numbers.

Q Do you know what you’d like to study at Georgetown?

A I will be attending the business school at Georgetown in the fall, but I haven’t declared a major yet. I’d like to explore my interests and then figure it out. But I’m leaning towards a career in business right now.

Q What are you most looking forward to about college?

A In D.C., I’ll be at the center of everything. I’ll get to choose what I want to study and focus on my interests. There are definitely more activities and internships available, especially at Capitol Hill. There are so many different clubs I would like to get involved in.

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