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Strategic Planning

One of the most important steps a school can undertake is to look carefully to the future and undertake a Strategic Plan. Gateway’s last Strategic Plan was in 2014 and starting last January, we began the exciting process for our newest Strategic Plan that will help to determine Gateway’s growth for the next 5-7 years.

Working with the firm Leadership + Design, a group of faculty, staff, trustees, and parents have been exploring themes and goals that will inform our work for leading Gateway into the future. Much of our work has been shaped by a series of interviews with members of the community this past summer. The committee spoke with approximately 60 parents, trustees, faculty and staff, alums, and former parents to form a clear understanding of what is important to the stakeholders in our community.

While the work is exciting, meaningful, and relevant, it cannot happen without input from the entire community.

On March 7, Gateway hosted a Community Strategic Planning Event where families, faculty, staff, and alumni came together to share thoughts, brainstorm, and think strategically about the work that has taken place so far and what still needs to be accomplished before The Gateway School completes this project in the spring of 2022. This exciting planning session used the collective imagination of the community and a design-thinking inspired approach to creatively envision the School’s future.

At the end of this project, Gateway will have a clearly defined Strategic Plan that will guide us for the next 5-7 years. I look forward to sharing the many voices who have joined in this important work!