Success Starts Here


The Gateway School teaches students with learning disabilities academic skills and strategies and helps them develop the social competence and self-confidence necessary to succeed in mainstream educational settings and in the community at large.  Gateway provides a nurturing educational environment that empowers students to overcome developmental hurdles and allows their talents to flourish.  As they learn to appreciate their strengths, cope with challenges, and take pride in their academic and social success, they gain confidence in themselves and in their ability to shape their own lives.

A pioneer in the field, Gateway remains committed to helping parents and professionals understand the nature and treatment of learning disabilities.  Believing a close, positive relationship between the School and parents is an essential element in the growth and development of every student, Gateway is committed to working closely with each family in the School.

Moving beyond the immediate community of the School, Gateway is dedicated to teaching parents and professionals about the many facets of learning disabilities and their remediation through workshops, courses, and training programs.

Board of Trustees

Warren H. Feder

Vice Chair
Jodi Schwartz

Kieran Claffey

Benson Kutrieb

Polly Brandmeyer
Matthew Cantor
Steve Cheeseman
Tracy Dennis, Ph.D.
Matthew Donohoe
Laurie Gruhn
Walter F. Higgins
Keren O. Kalimian
Daniel Lascano
Melissa Lis
Noah Perlman
Astrid SabellaRosa
Malcolm S. Taub, Esq.
Lisa Wolman
Trustees Ex Officio
Helen Brown
Carolyn Salzman

Trustees Emeritus
Martha B. Bernard
Kenneth A. Plevan