Success Starts Here


The Gateway School is a K-8, independent day school that transforms the lives of bright students with language-based learning disabilities and attention deficits. At Gateway, our students become skilled, strategic learners and confident self-advocates. Relying on direct, multisensory instruction and guided by an integrated curriculum, expert faculty teach students the language, literacy, and critical thinking skills that are the foundations for success in mainstream educational settings and beyond. Gateway believes a close relationship between the school and parents provides essential support as students grow and seek to realize their potential. In small classes and as members of a diverse and inclusive community, Gateway students experience academic and social success, recognize their strengths, and are empowered to become independent learners.

Board of Trustees

Jodi Schwartz

Kieran Claffey

Benson Kutrieb

Polly Brandmeyer
Leslie de Oliveira
Matthew Donohoe
Daniel Lascano
Melissa Lis
Tracey Loh
Caroline Mutter
Varinder Singh, MD
Malcolm S. Taub, Esq.
Jim Wilson
Lisa Wolman
Trustees Emeritus
Martha B. Bernard
Warren H. Feder
Kenneth A. Plevan
Trustees Ex Officio
Laurie Gruhn
Jeanne Madej
Jennifer Serrano