Success Starts Here

Carolyn SalzmanReflecting on our past, I’m reminded of a quote from a student who graduated 30 years ago. He wrote, “Gateway gave me back my pride.” I hear it again and again from the children at Gateway. It’s a powerful idea—giving children back their pride.

For over 50 years, that has been Gateway’s sole focus: to change the lives of children by teaching them the skills they need to deal with the world and feel good about themselves. When children arrive at Gateway, they are frustrated and want help. Our skilled and dedicated teachers work with each of them and their parents. Each child needs a new approach, a different way to learn to move forward. It takes courage on their part and on their parents’ part as well. We teach to each child’s strengths and to his or her weaknesses, and as our children start to experience success, their parents see and feel the difference at home.

We currently have 180 students. That’s a lot of young people who are feeling better about themselves and are starting to fulfill their potential. During the past 50+ years, Gateway has helped almost 700 children plus their families. Gateway is proud of what it has accomplished over all that time, and we are excited about the next 50 years.

Our success is due in large part to our parent community. It is hard to be a parent. It is tougher to be the parent of a child who struggles to learn. The trust, help, and support of Gateway parents—whether through the Parents Association, school events, or conversations with teachers—are essential to our success with the children. Their contribution of time, effort, and emotion allow us to make and keep Gateway great.

As you explore our website and learn more about Gateway, you will see how we bring our educational vision to life. We hope that you will enjoy learning about us and will find our school to be as exciting as we do. Also, be sure to watch this inspiring video about the school’s transformative impact on our students and their families. Since you will only catch glimpses online of what we do, please contact our Admissions Office for more information.


Carolyn Salzman
Head of School