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Dr. Soifer Hosts a Town Hall on the Language of LD

Posted on 4:32 pm

Lydia H. Soifer, Ph.D., Pediatric Language and Literacy Specialist and Educational Program Consultant at The Gateway School, recently hosted a webinar for Gateway families titled, “Learning Differences in Plain English for Parents.” As Dr. Soifer explains, not everyone learns in the same way; we all know that. Some children have very specific challenges, difficulties, or disabilities in being able to learn in the most common ways that parents come to expect and that teachers are trained to teach. The vocabulary of LD has filled books and libraries of all sizes. Making all those concepts simple isn’t easy. Children with specific kinds of LD learn best with properly trained teachers in programs designed to help them succeed. To view a recording of Dr. Soifer’s webinar, click on this link. For more information about The Gateway School’s program, please feel free to explore our Curriculum Page.