Success Starts Here

Administration and Staff

Aber, AmandaSchool (212) 777-5966
Almonte, RobertoCustodian (212) 777-5966
Appleby, Sam Advancement (212) 777-5966
Brockhausen, Christy
B.A., Manhattanville College
M.P.S., Manhattanville College
Ph.D., Fordham University
Assistant Head of School & Director of Lower School (212) 777-5966
Chandra, Kim
B.B.A., Pace University
Senior Finance and Business Administrator (212) 777-5966
Cherney, Jennifer
B.A., Long Island University
M.A., Long Island University
Chief Advancement (212) 777-5966
Cohen, Judy
B.S., Cornell University
M.S.I.L.R., Cornell University/Baruch College
Director of Human Resources (212) 777-5966
Concepción, Lisa
B.A., The City College of New York
Advancement Associate and Assistant to Division Directors (212) 777-5966
Fabian, AlfredoCustodian (212) 777-5966
Fallon, David
B.A., University of Minnesota
Director of Safety and (212) 777-5966
Gruhn, Laurie
B.A., Chatham University
M.A., New York University
Head of School (212) 777-5966
Harrison, William
B.A., SUNY Albany
M.A., City College of New York
Ph.D., Fairleigh Dickinson University
Senior Psychologist 777-5966
Ironside, Heather
B.S., Georgetown University
M.S., Emerson College
Interim Director of (212) 777-5966
Karasoulas, Joanna
B.A., Lafayette College
M.S., Emerson College
Interim Director of Language & (212) 777-5966
Khong, Lucy
R.N., B.S.N., Rutgers University
School Nurse (212) 777-5966 x812
Knauer, Ashley
M.A., New York University
Director of 777-5966
Lee, Paul
B.S., School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Columbia University
IT Manager (212) 777-5966
Li, Rachel
B.B.A., Baruch College
Staff (212) 777-5966
Lico, Sharyn
B.S., City College of New York
M.S., Penn State University
Director of Academic Support (212) 777-5966
Morgan, BridgetAssistant to the Head of (212) 777-5966
Mrakovcic, Marina
B.S., University of Rijeka, Croatia
M.B.A., Fordham University
Controller (212) 777-5966
Nguyen, Julie
B.A., San Francisco State University
M.A., San Jose State University
Director of Middle School (212) 777-5966
Perez, Amil
A.A., Borough of Manhattan Community College (212) 777-5966
Rafal, Valerie
B.A., Haverford College
M.S., Bank Street College of Education
Director of Mathematics (212) 777-5966
Ryan, Maureen
B.A., California State University
M.P.A., Columbia University
Chief Financial and Operating (212) 777-5966
Tandet, Danielle
B.A., Kenyon College
Director of Placement and Associate Director of (212) 777-5966
Wallace, Paula
B.S., University of Maryland
M.S., Hunter College
Senior Admissions (212) 777-5966
Woods, (212) 777-5966
Yoon, James
B.S., City College of NY
IT Support Technician (212) 777-5966

Faculty and Specialists

Auteberry, JosephScience 777-5966
Baker, Lauren
B.S., Dalhousie University
M.S., University of Toronto
Occupational Therapist and Coordinator of Academic 777-5966
Banta Jr., John
B.A., Rutgers University
Grandstand Teacher (212) 777-5966
Bergner, AlizaAssistant 777-5966
Blosser, Hope
B.A., Kent State University
M.Ed., George Washington University
Head 777-5966
Blumenthal, Elysa
B.A., Dartmouth College
Ed.M., Brandeis University
M.S.Ed., Bank Street College of Education
Learning 777-5966
Burdulis, JuliaHead 777-5966
Carluccio, MichelArt 777-5966
Casper, JustineHead 777-5966
Chinsky, EmmaAssistant 777-5966
Coelho, JustinAssistant 777-5966
Coyle, Olivia
B.A., American University
M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University
Head 777-5966
Driggs, Ileana
B.S., Fordham University
M.A., Yeshiva University
Social Development, 777-5966
Ehrlich, Kimberly
B.S., B.A., Minnesota State University, Moorhead
M.Ed., Fordham University
Head 777-5966
Einolf, ThomasHead 777-5966
Gold, JessicaLanguage 777-5966
Goldstein, AllisonHead 777-5966
Haq, Afshan
B.S., St. John's University
M.A., New York University
Head 777-5966
Heggli, Michele
B.S., Durham University
M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University
Program 777-5966
Kardan, Nadia
B.A., Rutgers University
M.A., Brooklyn College
Writing 777-5966
Karkazis, Vickie
B.A., Swarthmore College
M.Ed., Harvard University
Curriculum Specialist (212) 777-5966
Kelley, Meghan
B.A., Wellesley College
Head Teacher & Curriculum 777-5966
Knoll, SarahHead 777-5966
Knudsen, KorynHead 777-5966
Lee, StephanieHead 777-5966
Lefferts, Kristen
B.A., University of Connecticut
M.A., Springfield College
Physical Education 777-5966
Levenson, LisaSchool 777-5966
Lipman, HaileyHead 777-5966
Marinelli, Alexa
B.S., The Pennsylvania State University
M.S., Touro College
Head Teacher (212) 777-5966
Messer, RachelLanguage 777-5966
Mongeon, BrynnHead 777-5966
Murphy, AllysonHead 777-5966
Oliveri, Delaney
B.A., Manhattan College
M.A., CUNY- Hunter College
Literacy 777-5966
Pantazis, AntheAssistant 777-5966
Peña, Gabriel
B.A., SUNY Albany
M.Ed., Hunter College
Physical Education 777-5966
Perez, Joel
B.S.W., Concordia College
M.A., University of Saint Joseph
Physical Education Teacher and Athletics Coordinator (212) 777-5966
Peters, StevenHead 777-5966
Queler, AllisonHead 777-5966
Sandberg, EmilyLanguage 777-5966
Scalcon, Hilary
B.S., University of Connecticut
M.S., University of Bridgeport
Head 777-5966
Shelbourne, AlexanderMusic 777-5966
Soifer, Lydia
B.A., Brooklyn College, CUNY
M.S., Penn State University
M.Phil., Columbia University
Ph.D., Columbia University 777-5966
Soled, Samantha
B.S., Boston University
M.S., Bank Street College
Program Specialist & Curriculum 777-5966
Sonenshein, Joseph
B.A., Earlham College
M.A., University of Cincinnati
M.B.A., University of Cincinnati
M.S., Touro College
Head 777-5966
Suratos, April
B.A., Old Dominion University
M.Ed., Regent University
Head 777-5966
Tavassoli, NiktaHead 777-5966
Wang, JackyHead 777-5966