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Gateway Special Needs Schools NY

  • integrity
  • dedication
  • respect

The Gateway Schools is one of the top special needs schools NY for families living in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs to consider for children in lower or middle school. Learning at Gateway takes place in a structured atmosphere where children are taught respect for others, while being empowered and given a sense of self-worth. Our multi-sensory approach to teaching helps students meet ever present, evolving social and academic challenges. At the Gateway Schools, we strive to help our students become more independent, confident and socially conscious learners. Request more info from us today. Let us show you why Gateway is one of the leading special needs schools NY has to offer.

Parents of children with special needs have many decisions to make regarding where to send their child to school in the New York City area. In the public school system, programs vary according to school district. There are self-contained special-education classes comprised solely of special-needs kids.  There are also programs where special needs children and regular kids are combined in one class. In this type of setting the special needs children receive individualized attention, yet they still get the chance to interact with non-disabled peers. If you are looking for an alternative to the New York Public School system for special needs children, consider the nurturing environment of The Gateway Schools comprised of The Gateway School of New York, serving ages 5-12, and The Gateway Middle School for grades 5-8. Our families, students, and educators form a strong and dedicated community, which is why we feel the Gateway Schools are one of the top special needs schools NY has for the surrounding metropolitan area.

We focus on all aspects of development with the youngest children in our caring community, while we concentrate on planning, organization, study skills, and social development with our middle school students. Special needs children have many hurdles to overcome. We feel our sympathetic and educational environment empowers them to overcome early developmental obstacles and allows their talents to flourish. As our students learn to appreciate their strengths, cope with challenges, and take pride in their academic and social success, we see them gain confidence in themselves and in their ability to shape their own lives.

Our vibrant community extends beyond just our immediate lower and middle schools. The Gateway Schools have found ways to leverage various resources of knowledge, experience, and skills of a number of New York City public schools, universities, non-profit organizations, and policy makers to work alongside Gateway faculty and staff. By developing joint approaches to teaching, learning, and professional development, as well as strengthening academics and pedagogy, we are transforming the educational lives of students with learning disabilities in other schools through our special needs schools NY based initiatives. Learn more about these outreach programs by speaking with us today.

It has long been an important part of our mission to provide information to families of children with learning differences and to the professionals who work with them. We invite you to participate at the Gateway Schools in the workshops and presentations of experts from diverse fields who helpfully share their ideas and experiences.