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Presidential Debate and Mock Election

Posted on 3:56 pm

debate_2016On November 7, the 8th grade held a presidential debate in front of the entire Middle School and two Lower School classes. This longstanding Gateway tradition showcased the hard work of the students in researching and writing about the U.S. presidential candidates and practicing their public speaking skills.

The debate moderator began the proceedings by introducing both sides: half of the students represented the positions and policies of Hillary Clinton, while the other half represented those of Donald Trump. Students first described the duties of the president in general, then took turns speaking on the background of the candidates and their vice presidential running mates. They presented summaries of each candidate’s views on the economy, foreign policy, and immigration. The moderator closed the debate with the words, “Remember to choose wisely.”

On November 8, the 8th grade ran a polling station in which the entire student body, ages 5 to 14, had the chance to vote for a candidate. In addition to important lessons in civics, humanities, reading, and writing, this unit brought together the school community to learn about one of the most important aspects of American life.

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