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Message from Middle School Director


It is a pleasure to welcome you to The Gateway Middle School. We have designed our student-centered Middle School program to honor the unique developmental and educational needs of young adolescents. We recognize and value the middle school years as an important time of transition with a distinct period of unprecedented cognitive and social emotional growth.

One of the hallmarks of a Gateway education is our commitment to supporting the unique developmental and learning needs of each student. Throughout Gateway's history, we have understood that all students are gifted with strengths and talents. With this in mind, we seek to develop student interests, talents, and passions throughout our program while supporting students in areas where they may need additional support. Our highly innovative Center for Educational Enrichment provides additional opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving while deeply engaging in multi-faceted projects in the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities.

All Middle School students are learning to become more independent as they define their interests and talents, explore more sophisticated concepts, and move from concrete to abstract thinking. During these years, it is also essential for students to develop their organizational and study skills and take on more responsibility. To be successful learners, students need to acquire these skills in a meaningful context to construct their knowledge. Gateway students receive additional support and opportunities to self-advocate and become active participants in their education and the world. We strive to support students through these critical transformative years with a gradual, but ever-present focus on "learning how to learn" and achieving independence.


While we emphasize the importance of the individual, we maintain a firm belief that adolescent students learn best when engaged with a dynamic faculty and their peer learning community. Students are encouraged to actively inquire, experiment, and reflect collaboratively what they are learning. Ultimately, we strive for our students to become more confident, independent, and socially conscious learners.

As you navigate our website, you'll get a glimpse of some of what Gateway Middle School has to offer. To truly experience the unique nature of our program and warmth of our community I encourage you to visit the school.

We hope to hear from you!


Eleni Siderias