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Gateway School for NY Students With Learning Disabilities

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Welcome to the Gateway School of Education, located  on West 61st Street in Manhattan. We provide a nurturing learning environment in a state-of-the-art educational facility for NY students with learning disabilities. We address the challenges our special needs students face by enhancing and developing their strengths and talents while ensuring each child's feelings of self-worth and respect for others. We offer a supportive, vibrant community encompassing our students, their families, our faculty, and support staff. Although much of what is done at Gateway is individualized to each student's needs, participation as a member of our community is emphasized at all times.

Our lower and middle schools provide a multi-sensory approach to academics which allows these special needs students to successfully meet the challenges of social and academic learning. There are indeed areas with which our students struggle depending upon their unique needs. Yet we seek to educate the students in the ways that best allow them to develop as a whole person, while acknowledging and understanding those things which are difficult.  Request more information from us today.

At the Gateway School for NY students with learning disabilities, students are not only taught the fundamentals of basic subjects such as math, English, social studies and science, but also are encouraged to express themselves through art and music. Physical education also plays an important role in the management of learning disabilities. Stress, anxiety and depression can be factors that affect your child’s ability to concentrate and learn. Therefore, it is beneficial for the child to engage in some physical activity. In addition, skills in technology, speech and occupational therapy are incorporated into this curriculum for students in the lower school. This multi-sensory approach helps create a well-rounded individual with a concrete foundation in many different areas.

As your child graduates into middle school, new problems and challenges may arise, possibly interfering with their learning. The adjustment to a new surrounding and to the different approaches of teaching from more than one instructor may cause stress. Your child will be given less individual attention in order to encourage independence and self-motivation. The workload will also be greater, utilizing and enforcing the coping skills learned in the elementary school. The transition to middle school can be difficult one, but our staff is ready to support our NY students with learning disabilities in areas where they need extra help. Our Center for Educational Enrichment is an excellent resource for students to further develop critical thinking and problem solving skills which are both essential in approaching more complex situations. As students take on more responsibility, they tend to seek guidance through their peer community. They will be placed in group settings where collaboration and an exchange of ideas are encouraged. As a result we hope to create a more socially conscious learner that is confident and capable of resolving issues independently. NY students with learning disabilities progress academically, emotionally, and socially when at The Gateway Schools, becoming fully prepared for the years that follow. Please take a moment to fill out our information request form and we'll get right back to you.