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NY Schools for Learning Disability Students

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Both The Gateway School of New York (serving ages 5-12) and The Gateway Middle School (grades 5-8) are two of NY schools for learning disability students. Our goals are to not only help children with special needs overcome educational obstacles, but also to excel academically and socially. We are committed to the success  of each student with a focus on planning, organization and study skills which helps provide a tremendous educational opportunity for our students. Contact us for more information about our schools, students, and educators  who form a strong and dedicated community.

Learning disability students have special needs, but also special abilities, which need to be encouraged and developed. At the Gateway School of New York, we provide the learning environment and nurturing staff to help students do their best in school and in life.

Our programs cater to a variety of learning disabilities which involve issues with communication, reasoning, reading, writing and solving mathematical equations. These deficits can hinder a child’s ability to process new facts and concepts. Some of the most common learning disabilities and other conditions that impact learning: dyslexia, ADD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, aphasia, ADHD, and Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Since each child is unique in the way they perceive new information, our faculty and staff members devote careful and purposeful observation to each student in all the school settings so  not only the challenges but also the student's strengths are understood. This allows our educators to choose the most effective teaching methods. As a students needs change, assessments are made and teaching methods are modified accordingly.

Among the schools for learning disability, the Gateway Schools for both lower and middle school are exceptional. We are committed to providing your child with a nurturing atmosphere for optimal learning. Our instructors administer frequent progress assessments to track your child’s growth, ensuring their special needs are met. With the help of specialized equipment such as talking calculators, audio books and various computer-based activities, our trained teachers ensure knowledge is conveyed in a suitable manner. Specific classroom adjustments such as modified testing procedures and alternate assignments are taken into consideration as well, thus providing the best environment for learning. With an excellent support system, The Gateway Schools  provide a tremendous educational opportunity for these exceptional students. We have found that as students learn to appreciate their strengths, cope with every day challenges, and take pride in their academic and social success, they gain more confidence in themselves and in their ability to shape their own lives. Community is another important aspect at The Gateway Schools so a concomitant respect for others and an ability to function well as a member of a group are also goals we emphasis.

Please contact us today for more information.