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NY Schools for Learning Disabled Students

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Here at The Gateway School of Manhattan, we incorporate proven academic programs for our NY schools for learning disabled students, leading them to more confidence and success in their lives . We directly address the individual challenges of each student and their specific learning disabilities with our personalized approach to education and teaching. Request more information from us today and learn more about our facility and all we have to offer compared to other schools for learning disabled students in the New York area.

Learning disabilities can be a struggle for both the child and other family members. Usually, learning disabilities are first noticed when the child begins to do poorly in school, failing to keep up with their peers. It is a common misconception that children with special needs are of lower intelligence. We know that this is not necessarily the case. They are in fact quite intelligent, but require special attention and often a diifferent approach to learning. If properly addressed, a child can excel greatly in their academics and personal lives. In the Gateway NY schools for learning disabled students, the highly trained faculty will accommodate your child and ensure their specific needs are met, based upon their learning styles, and their weaknesses and strengths. A variety of strategies and methods are utilized in order for the students to learn most effectively.

At Gateway, we are strong advocates for equal opportunities in education. In our NY schools for learning disabled students, we often modify the way tasks are performed. These alterations are not meant to lessen the work at hand, or give the special needs’ children an unfair advantage to those without learning disabilities. The goal is simply to enable students to complete assignments as if they did not have any learning deficits. Some of these adjustments are based on how material is presented. For example, information can be provided via audio means, verbally, or in large print. Our staff allows tape recorders and gives permission for responses to be transcribed via computer. Frequent breaks are provided and extended time for tests are allowed to respect any setbacks a child may have. The students are placed in an environment most conducive to learning. This includes areas with special seating, lighting, and minimal distractions. It is important for the students, parents and teachers to be actively involved in monitoring and choosing the best accommodations for the student. It is an ongoing process that may require changes as the child adapts to their learning disability.

In the Gateway NY schools for learning disabilities, we strongly believe that anyone can learn with the right tools and resources. Students have unique learning capabilities which require distinctive teaching techniques. By providing a fair learning environment individualized to specific needs, we promise your child will reach their full potential in our programs. Request more information from us and learn about our facility and all that we have to offer your child.