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Learning Disabled Schools in NY

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The Gateway School is among the top learning disabled schools in NY, taking a structured approach to teaching students in a warm and nurturing state-of-the-art school environment. Social studies, music, technology, art, physical education and language and speech therapy are all part of our multi-sensory approach to teaching students with special needs. Request more info from us today. We are happy to discuss with you in detail how our school will greatly benefit your child with our caring and individualized approach to education.

Exceptional among learning disabled schools in NY, The Gateway Schools highly value academics as one means to prepare students with the knowledge needed for success in the future. Through humanities, students learn to perfect their skills in reading and writing. They are exposed to literature containing various topics and points of view, which promote discussions amongst their peers and with their teachers. Students are taught to collaborate through group work, to engage in conversations, and to become aware of their surroundings outside of the classroom. As a result, our students develop into more confident independent thinkers who have their own ideas and opinions.

Other courses at the Gateway Schools, such as math and science, teach the skills and principles of problem solving. These concepts are essential and valuable to the application of real world problems. Your child will leave with a deeper understanding of various theories that can be utilized in their future, everyday lives. Ever evolving technology is used to enhance our students learning experiences. For example, within the middle school program, students receive their own personal laptops. These devices not only are great instructional tools, but also help with expressing the child's creativity. The basic software design allows for organized outlines, and presentations while enabling the student to access resources for assignments. Talking calculators, audio books and tape recorders etc. are other handy equipment commonly used within our schools. We work with each student, finding the technology tools that helps convey information in the best way suited for their needs. At Gateway, we make sure your child has all the resources to make their educational experience a fulfilling one.

Furthermore, to help your child become a well-rounded individual at the Gateway learning disabled schools in NY, students are encouraged to engage in the arts. Our comprehensive curriculum incorporates dance, theater and music as outlets for students to fully express themselves. We hope to provide inspiration so that personal interests and passions can become more developed. Our well planned and thorough programs will ensure that your child is exposed to a wide range of classes that touch upon a variety of topics. We believe each student is special and we promise that their talents will be brought out and celebrated in our schools.  Request more information from us today and we will get back to you right away with additional details.