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The Gateway School Speaker Series

Posted on 5:09 pm

This year, as we began to reimagine Gateway’s Spring Gala, we looked to our mission to offer direction. This reflection led to the creation of a week-long Virtual Speaker Series, Conversations x Connections: Celebrating the Diversity of Minds, Intelligence, and Abilities. The Gateway School Speaker Series brought together industry leaders to share inclusive perspectives on the effects of embracing diversity of thought, intelligence, and ability in education, business, fashion, entertainment, and sports while weaving in key tenets of the school’s mission. This series turned our attention back to our community, highlighted our internal talent, and modeled for our students components of the Gateway mission. The importance of critical thinking skills, self-advocacy, collaboration, mentorship, and forging close relationships in a diverse and inclusive community were themes that were woven into our talks. We are happy to announce that recordings of all of our talks will be available on The Gateway School’s YouTube page beginning next week.