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Message from Carolyn Salzman, Ed. M. Head of School

Gateway’s vision and values are captured every June at graduation when each of our graduating students stands and reads a personal essay describing his or her journey through Gateway.  Poised, articulate and with disarming insight, one student after another recounts moments of pride and accomplishment, of frustration and perseverance, of learning, teaching and sharing that reveal his or her values, vulnerabilities and an abiding sense of optimism about the future.  Their stories are connected by common themes:  extraordinary effort, hard work and success in closing the gap between their intellectual potential and their experiences before coming to Gateway.  At that moment, everyone in the Gateway community, parents, teachers, classmates and friends, sees the great character, determination and accomplishments that define our students.  By graduation, our students have a sense of confidence and self-esteem based on real achievements in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities and through the contributions they have made to the school community and the friendships they have formed.  This is the tradition that has defined Gateway since it was founded over 45 years ago.

At Gateway, we combine a rich traditional curriculum with a specific instructional program to meet the needs of students whose learning disabilities prevent them from participating in regular classrooms.  These graduates, who inspire us, originally came to Gateway feeling diminished and wary of learning.  Their difficulties whether they manifested themselves in pre-school or not until 5th grade had affected their performance in school and undermined their social and emotional growth.  In our small, nurturing setting with its low student teacher ratio and expert staff, students learn in small groups while also participating in a larger community.  We rely on direct multisensory instruction, together with experiential and hands on learning, to teach our students the skills, strategies and content they need to overcome their learning differences.  At Gateway, our goal is to develop within each individual the capacity for academic and social success today and in the future.

Today, Gateway graduates are doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, business people and community leaders.  They live and work in cities and towns across the country and many have graduated from universities, have received advanced degrees and have been highly successful in their careers.  Our alumni include a pediatric neurologist in Texas, an educational researcher in New York City, a fireman in upstate New York, a music director in South Carolina, a buyer for a Manhattan-based national retailer, a budding film actress, and a securities lawyer in Boston.  Those currently enrolled in college and graduate school include a summer intern at a major New York law firm, a rising Senior at a top college returning from a year of study abroad and an aspiring outdoor leadership instructor in Colorado. 

Welcome to Gateway!  As you explore our website and learn more about Gateway, you will see how we bring our educational vision to life through our Lower School, Middle School and our Center for Educational Enrichment.  We hope that you will find Gateway to be as exciting as we do.  Since you can only catch glimpses of what we do on-line, please be sure to contact our Admissions Office (click here) and visit us in person.



Carolyn Salzman

Head of School