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After Gateway -- The Placement Process

Within the Gateway community, administrators and teachers actively consider the appropriate time for students to move on from our unique educational programs. For most students, this time is at the end of their eighth grade year. Others may leave at the culmination of Lower School or any year it may become apparent that a different kind of school would best serve the student. Students of all ages at Gateway find this time in their lives both exciting and challenging. The official placement process begins in the spring of seventh grade, unless an earlier time is needed.

If not before, parents formally meet with our Head of School, Lead Teacher, Middle School Psychologist and Placement Coordinator in the spring of the student's seventh grade year. Careful planning and consideration of a student's ongoing school is very important to the Gateway community. Every student at Gateway has a different learning profile; therefore the ongoing school selection process is very individualized. We persistently work with families to find the right fit for their child. Our students continue their education at various types of schools, and we know that Gateway students thrive whether in a continuing special education school, public high school, boarding school or mainstream independent school.

In the fall of their eighth grade year, students meet with the school Psychologist and Placement Coordinator to help prepare them for interviews and tours. Students and teachers work on interview skills together as a small group so students can better prepare themselves for the interview process. We address questions that they might face in an interview or concerns they might have about ongoing schools. This is a great opportunity for students to listen and get feedback from peers as well as adults. We strive to make our students feel most comfortable during the transitional phase while meeting and exceeding the expectations of their future schools. The individualized placement process is the appropriate ending to a positive Gateway experience. The dedication and support of faculty and staff members during this transition exemplifies the mission of The Gateway Schools.

Anna Raykhtsaum
Associate Director of Admissions and Placement
(212) 777-5966 x822